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Fallbrook HomeschoolAcademy

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Our Classic Homeschool Program

The purpose of the Fallbrook Homeschool Academy Classic Program is to provide an alternative seventh and  eighth grade public education for families who choose to homeschool.  This tuition-free program offers a high-quality, public school education for students. The curriculum used in Fallbrook Homeschool Academy is a combination of online and textbook curriculum.  Parents are provided with instructional materials and grade level standards to support them in providing their children with a rigorous education, while having the flexibility to tailor instruction to meet their child’s specific learning needs. Our curriculum lays the groundwork for future academic success by building a solid foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics. It develops lifelong learning and analytical skills while encouraging  exploration, critical thinking, and problem solving in our students. Homeschooling parents who desire a curriculum, testing, and legal accountability will benefit from this program.
Our Teachers
We are staffed by credentialed teachers and one clerical staff.  Teachers meet regularly with families enrolled in the school to evaluate student work. Teachers are available Monday through Thursday by appointment, and all day Friday for assistance.  Goals for each individual student are set at conferences each six weeks and teachers are always available by email to assist parents and students alike.
Our Resource Room
The school has a resource room available to all students in our school and is a great supplement to public libraries in providing a resource for reference and enjoyment.   The Resource Room has an extensive collection of curriculum and materials available for parent use.  These materials can be checked out by parents to prepare and support lesson planning.
Other Educational Opportunities
Our Study Trips 
All students are encouraged to attend the study trips offered by the school, and organized by our PTA.  Information about these trips are provided in emails and e-flyers. In the past, these monthly educational opportunities have included trips to museums, live stage performances, the municipal courthouse, Sea World, whale watching, and numerous other enriching experiences. 

Our Workshops

Workshops are provided at Fallbrook Homeschool Academy for students and parents.  All workshops are designed to provide a balanced program for our students and are taught by credentialed teachers.  Parents have support groups and trainings scheduled throughout the year. Information on subject matter and schedules are provided via email, flyers, and on the school website.